Installation Instructions:

You will need this:

To install the panels, you need the following:

  • A saw - either a circular saw or a normal saw.
  • A screwdriver.
  • Screws to secure the panels to the wall.
  • Black gypsum screws about 35 mm for mounting the acoustic panels.
  • Optional small screws about 15 mm for securing the lamellae when cutting the panels.
  • Ruler / measuring tape.
  • Pencil.
Step 1: Prepare the wall

Start by preparing the wall. Wipe the wall with a cloth and remove any screws, nails, and other obstructions so that the wall is completely even. Then you can measure and mark where the panels are to be mounted.

Step 2: Cutting the panels to height

Once you have measured your wall, you will know if your panels need to be cut to fit on your wall.

If you need to adjust the panel to height, you can cut the panel using a circular saw or a jigsaw (a normal saw).

Mark the cutting line on the panel with a pencil, so you can make a straight cut

Remember to screw the slats in place after cutting

After cutting the panel, it's a good idea to screw the ends of the slats back in place (through the felt and into the slats) using about 15mm long screws. Otherwise, the slats may hang loosely.

Repeat through each slat.

Step 3: Mounting the panels

Fasten the acoustic panels to the wall by screwing the black gypsum screw (35 mm) through the black acoustic felt and into the wall (or if you have used rawplugs, screw into them).

We recommend 15 screws per panel.

The acoustic panels have a felt side and a slat side.

The sides of the acoustic panels fit together so that the joints themselves will be hidden behind the slat on the previous panel.

When mounting the panels, push the panels together (felt side against slat side) until there is a 13 mm gap between the slats in the joint. Do NOT push the panels together completely. To maintain the correct distance, you can take a slat from a colour sample and place it between the two panels.

Step 4: Cutting the panels to width

When you reach the end of your wall, you may need to cut the panel to fit in width.

You can adjust the panels in width by cutting the felt with a knife.

Then screw the last part of the panel to the wall - again using black gypsum screws through the felt.

Now you are done! <3

If you have questions...

or need help with assembly or the product itself, you can always contact us - we are ready to help you!

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