A message from the founders

“Many of our clients lead busy lives and often feel overwhelmed, with the desire to make their homes feel truly theirs. That’s exactly why we’ve teamed up. With our easy-to-install wall panels and stunning art pieces, transforming your space into something you feel proud of is simpler than ever."

Jasper & Jute transforms bare walls into inspiring, beautiful spaces by making high-end art accessible to everyone.

Offers a range of original and print artworks + matching frames

Celebrates local, emerging and established talents

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Thula Wall creates chic, ready-to-install wall panels that enhance any room with warmth and improved acoustics.

Ready-to-install wall panels

Various finishes to match your personal aesthetic

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You can now hang Jasper & Jute artwork on your Thula Wall!


These Wall Art Hangers seamlessly slide between Thula Panels to simplify the art hanging process and protect the integrity of your panels. No drilling or complicated installations necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: Jasper & Jute has developed a custom attachment (at no additional cost) that fits perfectly on the DUPPs. Simply let us know in the custom order note at checkout if you intend to hang your Jasper & Jute pieces on Thula Wall.

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